Caravan is an initiative in which women and men from all over the world discuss the reorganisation of a global humane society without exploitation, oppression and war. Half men and half women, they come from all cultures, all social and productive spheres, including outsiders and minorities, and form a caravan from West to East Africa to discuss questions which are vital for the survival of humanity.

Unlike the United Nations they are not there to represent specific countries, groups or companies. They are there to formulate the needs for a meaningful life for all human beings.

They are meeting in order to conduct a dialogue of the cultures. Which means to discuss their ideas about ethics and to exchange ideas about social change, possible new forms of living together, human rights, laws and justice, science and ecology, rationality and irrationality. Creative persons will express those contents in artistic forms.

They organize living their lives together in councils on nutrition, health and conflicts. General questions are discussed in plenaries.

Communication is conducted in English, all results are transcribed and published.

Experts on desert, medicine and technology will advise the participants.


By 2050 this planet will be supporting approximately 10 billion people.

The questions whose answers are necessary for the survival of humanity are answered differently by individuals as well as religions and philosophies. The aim of the caravan is to bring these answers together. The Caravan for peace is therefore a government, religion and ideology free initiative which brings together people with a certain orientation. They are not concerned about improving things within the existing power and economic structures. Their focus is on what must be improved, not just to survive but to become a true humanity.

Over thousands of years human beings have created the conditions to live peacefully with each other. Every human being could have access to clean drinking water, have enough to eat, living space, education and the opportunity to develop. The earth could provide more than enough development, creativity, technology, art and entertainment, enjoyment and change and joy for life for all her 8 billion inhabitants.

That is not happening, and there is a reason for that. Currently, the opposite is happening even though there is no reason for this. However, this problem is of human origin and therefore it is us humans who can transform this wrong into right.

The Goal

Human beings from around the world create a model for a world in which all can live together, a world in which the majority no longer acts according to guidelines set by a tiny minority. In this model every individual will act to make possible the freedom of the other and instead of the optimal profit of the very few the standard becomes the distribution of the benefits of technology and science for all human beings.

The goal of caravan is to create a global consciousness, the consciousness which says, »we are one world « -a consciousness, a sensation and an attitude which affects all human beings but is not imposed on them.

The goal is for this consciousness to develop a life of its own.

July 2021 – the inititators

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