Participants of the caravan

are experts, artists, masters in the fields:
– IT
Technology, chemistry, physics
Organization – Organization
Agriculture – Agriculture
poetry, painting, cinema, theatre, dance, painting
– Languages

Prerequisite for participation is
1. consistency with the content guideline:
Answering the questionnaire, with “water instead of weapons” in the first place
2. the declared willingness to contribute to the realization of the power-free model, a power-free structure.
3. self-criticism:
to be ready to check what one has just done or said, from the point of view of whether it is in line with what one has set as a goal.
To know that no matter how clear the goal, the claim, the idea of the thing and what it’s about, no matter how clearly you have in your head the goal, the claim, the idea of the thing and what it’s about, you still do the opposite of it over and over again, which doesn’t notice or even thinks it’s the right thing to do, therefore depends on someone else telling you.
to be ready to accept that when others remember it, even if it hurts,
to be ready to remind others, even if it hurts,
to know that if one person takes it from the other and accepts it with him, both will progress.

People –
which do not belong to any particular political, religious or ideological direction.
who have an idea of a just world
who want a balance between people
who are willing to communicate with others who also have an idea of a just world – even if it looks different.
who want to participate in an initiative,
in which all parties involved form model relationships of equal strength
think about models for a just world and develop their own character, experience it for yourself
record this in summarized documentations (or recordings) or artistic realizations
exchange these results in large groups and broadcast them worldwide with the consensus of all parties involved
think about fair economic models, their criteria and conditions, think locally and globally; disseminate results, etc.
who are ready to break new ground.
who are willing to participate, even if they have experience with collectives and their failure, but do not accept it.
who are willing and able to review their own ideas
who can no longer tolerate the state of world society.