Humanity‘s-ark – thoughts.



The wealth of humanity is the diversity of people.

The people of the 21st century are monkeys with Internet.

Among animals, the law of the fittest applies.

Among men, this expresses itself as power.

People will only be people if they are able to live together without exercising power.

As long as power structures are valid among men, few have almost all the treasures of the earth – most of them almost nothing.

The few use their power to get more into the infinite – most consider their powerlessness to be a natural law.

The abuse of power – the violent perpetuation of unjust status under the cloak of legality – finds its reflection in the abuse of powerlessness – violent attacks against the unjust status under the cloak of religion or ideology.

Neither can be justified.

Both are mutually dependent, both play to each other’s balls, both provide pretexts for each other.

Both grow proportionally:

Civilization is working on its downfall

People are still using the means of science and technology created by and for humans to hypostasize atavistic power relations.

In doing so, they abolish borders that are still valid even among animals: only accumulating as much stock as it takes to attack or kill others in self-defence or for survival.

The goal of the Ark of Humanity is that as soon as possible there is no longer any predestination coming from above, i. e. the initiators are out of the race, no leadership, no power: the independence of philosophy and its realization.

Animals need guides. Humans don’t need any guides – as far as they are still running after them, it shows how far they have moved from being animals.

The Ark of Humans is the opportunity to live together for a long time without a leader and to exchange ideas, to produce results. In this respect, it is exemplary for the world.

On a small scale, it has to be proven that it can be done on a large scale.

The difference to the animal’s ark is that the animals needed a guide, Noah, but not the humans, because they could communicate with each other and coordinate their needs.

Since they don’t, mankind is about to perish.

For this reason, it is vital for humanity that emissaries of all their manifestations begin this understanding exemplarily.

As is the case with the Ark of the Animals, it is a prerequisite that one representative of each of the two sexes of each culturally different presence of human beings participate.

Humanity’s ark is designed in such a way that it would not function with a leader.

The people taking part in it have agreed that they will either find something that has not yet existed between people, the highest that one could reach for,

or fail.

The thought:”The individual is the group” will be expanded to:”the individual is all”. Group as a model of structure for all.

It is not a question of whether you have the same attitude, attitude or not,

but if they’ll come to an understanding.


is the slogan:”I’m interested in you as a different person”.

There are people with this consciousness everywhere.

Billions of individuals that differ as far as possible are the wealth of this earth.


It is not the law of the fittest that applies, but the duty of the fittest.

Not all men are equal, but all men are equal in value.

It is not the unification of people that determines their destiny, but the development of their greatest possible diversity.

The first condition for a society according to these criteria is powerless communication. This only works if no one else wants to dominate or impose their ideology and worldview on them.

The second condition for a company according to these criteria is a profitless production. This only works if no one wants more than they need or wants to live off the work of others.

People have to take their story into their own hands: The ark of mankind is a step in this direction.

Humanity’s Ark is the condition for the survival of the humanity in this actual situation.

Humanity’s Ark is a model of society without power.

It enables the organization of communication, but does not determine its content. She asks the questions, but she doesn’t answer them. It is the condition of possibility – it can be the beginning of its realization.

Everybody is chief of himself and responsible for all.

As long as power structures and profit-oriented thinking determine the societies of this world, the prevailing chaos will never end. They are responsible for wars, misery and despair. There is no justification for power and profit.


The task of the organizers or the team that pushes the whole thing is that they only organize communication with the aim of becoming independent, i. e. that the people on the way can then regulate everything practically through their different levels of communication. Starting with food, which is always made for everyone by continents or associations from different countries all over the world and then changes for everyone, going on to artistic exchange – chat rooms, for example. If someone suggests that something should be done differently, he or she can put it up for discussion and everyone can answer – there is no central or management office or committee medium that can determine or make decisions – at least from the moment the organisers’ starting function is terminated.

After the matter has been set in motion, there is no official announcing body, no determining group that is above the rest.

The opposite of leadership.

The task of the organisers of the Ark of Humanity is:

To organize the conditions to bring people together –

and say goodbye.

There is no default.

There can’t be any.

There’s an attitude.

The entire organizational apparatus is structured in such a way that it organizes its elimination.

The concept of self-dissolution, of transition.

Not predetermined.

It is nothing more or less than “all together”, namely 100%.

Only if this new form of cohabitation has become independent will it continue and expand beyond the Ark.

If some people from all over the world manage to organise themselves without power, everyone will succeed.



The central point of communication is the food, its preparation, its enjoyment and its communicative digestion.

About the food chanel, everyone who wants to know what they could cook for how long and when and for how many people; the results are the areas where they will cook, which has to be roughly planned long before so that the raw materials are all available. The dishes of the day are online, so everyone can choose from a wide range of dishes or plan them in advance.

As compensation for the utopian basic situation of not having to worry about the purchase of food, this is an expression of the effort that everyone must always make in order to contribute to society.

25 kilometres of walking every day

the initiatives resulting from the association of participants in which the results of the discussions from the questionnaire are disseminated, art is made on water instead of weapons and the other questions or their answers, models of non-violent communities are developed.


Making a comparative film about how different cultures deal with certain everyday activities.

For example tea: stir in our house – pouring in Mali. Countercut with text.

Luggage locker: someone in custody in Mali – put suitcases in a chute that swallows them, plus electronic picture display.

eating: an ka ta duminikä – people eating in the train.

Documentation of models in which equitable structures function (e. g. the company that has been operating successfully for 17 years)

Documentation of initiatives with more limited content, but generally the same objectives

In international groups they develop individual and collective poetry, prose, theatre, dance, videos, paintings and sculptures, informing and influencing each other about their different cultures.


There are 20 channels of 10 channels each, so each country has one channel with nine others.

The productions are sorted according to date of receipt and via a schedule, in which all available slots are listed, and released for broadcasting.

You can subscribe; if everything is full, you have to wait until a slot is available (or if there are so many in the queue, an additional channel is developing itself, pre-programmed) or you are moved to free slots somewhere else – everything is planned digitally in advance, so that everyone, individual as well as intercultural co-productions, has the same possibilities to bring his/her productions on air.

There is a table of contents, who produced what where and when, so that everyone has the opportunity to decide what he wants to see.

There is no pre-selection, no priorities, no predetermination.

The ratings are made public so that everyone can see what was seen most.

With the worldwide broadcasting of the productions, there is no advertising and no broadcast logos in the picture. All companies that have donated may advertise it, e. g.”we are official sponsor of the Ark of Humanity”. (which is a classic win-win situation).





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